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By Zeekou
I'm sorry but do you know how ritual monsters work? you have no ritual spell to summon MAX and MAX is really only used in the ritual variants of the deck because it would be too inconsistent with just MAX on it's own. Also, have you read the Malefic cards? they cant stay on the field without a field spell active. This deck has no field spells to keep malefic alive. Also why are you playing the vanilla Blue-Eyes Ultimate with no fusion spell to summon it? (the other ones are fine, they can be summoned without one.) Also don't be afraid to use generic cards (Monster Reborn, One for one, etc. (i cant be bothered to name all of them)) they can really help the deck out. You should also put some link monsters in the deck because even though they aren't required to summon your other extra deck monsters now, they are still really good.
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By saifmopc
Zeekou thanks for reminding me those wrongs i am gonna update it as soon i can
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By saifmopc
Also ZEEKOU you can check my other decks i will work on uploading more
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By LordObamaHimself
This still isn't great. You're running Max Dragon for some reason even though it's super incconsistent and bricky; you can't just splash in ritual monsters, you need a dedicated deck. Kaibaman is also terrible, and you're just running 2 polys for some reason.
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If you want to run a Chaos MAX deck then you'll need to make a few changes. Chaos MAX is really easy to summon when you build around it:

- Advanced Ritual Art.
- Impcantation Engine.
- The Melody of Awakening Dragon.
- Bingo Machine, Go!!!.
- Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands.
- Trade-In.

Drop the fusions. Either choose to go Fusion or Ritual if you want to do one of them. When built correctly, Chaos MAX Dragon is a very easy card to summon.

Nice support tech: Swords of Concealing Light.
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