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While it can't be called tier 1 or 2, in a rouge tier I think it's fair to give credit to Marincess diverse playing style. It's not about putting up a bunch of negates but rather creates a tower that your opponent needs to out or otherwise gets OTK'd with on the following turn - being cyberse and all OTKing really is a walk in the park with this deck, especially with the new support -

Before you didnt really have much to protect the towers, or rather the field spell that makes or breaks your tower. You had to rely on drawing handtraps with Bubble Reef or opening some generic interruption.
Besides this the deck always had the decent capability of going into Bahamut Shark into Toadally Awesome. The r4nk consistency increased tenfold with the new support.

Now it's a two card combo in a deck in which almost any card is a combo piece (or handtrap) for an unaffected 4000+ ATK monster with a s/t negate and monster effect negate and depending on your hand you can easily have a s/t and omni-negate or all three of them.

Is that a lot? It's not little but it's not meta defining yet I don't think anyone expected the support to boost the deck to the top of the ladders. However the playing style of creating a very strong boss monster with a few negates which, even if they're unable to stop your opponent's entire turn stop them from outing your towers is a lot stronger than people give it credit for. Either you destroy the towers or you most likely are going to lose and that coupled with 2-3 interruptions seems both achievable and very rouge like in terms of strenght
I see this deck with a really cool proposal to make a field very difficult to take off, with a sufficient number of interactions against the opponent made with few resources and a lot of follow up on the lap. That way, when your deck has these qualities, you only need to survive the opponent's turn because on the return, as your deck is cyclic and has the ability to redo your field all over again, it's no problem to pass with a field considered weak in interactions but solid and difficult if the opponent goes over it, there are several decks in the game that do this strategy and have excellent results, from the examples of Cyberse decks we have Salamangreat, @Ignister, Code Talker from OCG with Heatsoul, Mathmech, from other decks in the game I can mention Beetrooper and Despia are also recent examples of decks that value surviving the opponent's turn rather than putting up an oppressive field. I also mention Madolche as an excellent example of a deck that generates a lot of advantage and a field with 2 interruptions but very difficult to break and does very well in several match ups against the meta. So I see a lot of potential in this archetype with the new supports.

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The following is a small excerpt of deck/article.[…]


The following is a small excerpt of deck/article.[…]

Lord Broham's Legacy

love this