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Video Game promo cards were quite popular back in the day, as Yu-Gi-Oh had a bunch of VG releases over the years. Even the most recent release of Link Evolution had some promo cards in them. Today we’ll be looking over the best of what these games had to offer, starting with the DM era! This article will only cover cards that debuted exclusively in the games, so reprints are out of the question.

Me neither! Saw it here for the first time. Each card in the pack has a different rarity, and one should be rarer than the rest. Holofoil makes up around a third of these rates. They are not as rare as some other treasures because they originate from mass-produced sets, and they are usually the least valuable of the collectibles. I've been collecting them before, but now I found WoW more fun to play. I got a wow boost for a new character and now I am enjoying the new season with a few of my friends, don't really have time for other games.

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The following is a small excerpt of deck/article.[…]

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