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By Jonathan Martins
This article provides a complete analysis of the Dino archetype from launch to what it has become today and all the annotations I've made since I started playing Yu-Gi-Oh in April 2020 with this deck and demonstrates that Scrap Dinos isn't such a simple strategy to play. I hope you learn a lot from these notes and rules about some deck cards work in addition to a decklist budget which has a very good consistency too. This one is for Dino DNA lovers which I particularly think will be the only relevant Dinosaur type deck in the game for a long time as despite having various direct and indirect supports over time the last Dino archetype of the game was the Dinowrestler at the end of 2018.


What I love about Dinosaur is the fact that all the cards revolve around themselves and that it's more important that you access the entire main deck toolbox than making extra deck monsters. This decklist is reasonably budget and very competent and demonstrates exactly the basic structure of any Scrap Dino deck. I've always played with this deck focused on doing xyz because Dinos were made to not even use an extra deck and the xyz toolbox that this deck has access to is very versatile and powerful.



"Dinomasher’s Fury" brings this Archetype based on the Babycerasaurus card as well as the Archetype Thunder Dragon is based on the monster of the same name. We can say that the main Archetype cards include in their effects the destruction of Babys to continue playing: Oviraptor, Miscellaneousaurus, Archosaur, Lost World, Tyranno, Overtex Qoatlus. There is also another Archetype in the game that has an absurd synergy to trigger the effects of Babys which in this case are the True King: Dragonic Diagram, True King Lithosagym, the Disaster, True King Agnimazud, the Vanisher.
Very long learning curve, not a predictable deck (it doesn't make linear moves even though the Final Board is pretty much the same). We can make different ending boards for each match, Tier 2 consistency but have problems running out of breath quickly if you take interactions on the right cards. However it is an expansive deck and with great results if well mounted with the correct counters for the inserted metacall. With the support received from Archosaur the deck became self-sustaining and now does not require the TK engine and can play within its own mechanics.
The cards that take hit the deck dies are Oviraptor and Lost World, Miscell is the third most important. I also know that Dino doesn't have extenders and Follow Up apart from Miscell and Lost World, the deck plays with a bunch of combined pieces that don't do anything by themselves (Giant Rex, Baby, Petit, Lost World need token destruction for you to play, etc which are literally normal monsters on the field) and their Summoning dependency for combo is Normal Summon outside of Miscell.

Archetype card analysis

In this topic I talk about strengths and weaknesses of the main engine cards. In the weak spots there is a bit of how the card could be better but it is like that with every archetype, some effects can always improve. The cards that don't have a weak point are because they are already the heart of the archetype.

Tyranno - Boss monster of the deck
Ultimate Conductor Tyranno
Strengths: Absurd ATK/DEF status. Easy to bring to the field. Book of Eclipse effect on both turns during MP destroying Baby in the process. Attacks all monsters and can inflict 1000LP to send monsters in DEF to GY. 5 effects so far (including Baby).
Weaknesses: Does not work with Link Monsters.

Giant Rex
Giant Rex
Strengths: Autorecovery when banned every turn is a lv4 high stat ATK body to do XYZ. Allows the deck to play around Macro Cosmos effects and lets you get XYZ4 even after interactions. Allows the deck to get two XYZ in one turn.
Remember Giant Rex only increases its attack when it is special summon to the field by its effect counting 200* number Dinosaur banished at that moment.

Animadorned Archosaur
Strengths: Second best starter on the deck. Destroy Baby and add Pill. Lv1 to leave Pill alive because you do Linkuriboh and Secure Gardna to have a non-Dino in your graveyard. Has 0ATK/0DEF which can be brought with Gizmek Uka. Very useful in Synchro plays enabling several moves like making Trishula lv9 or lv11 etc.

Strengths: Not once per turn. 500ATK/500DEF has synergy with Gizmek Uka. Earth attribute synergy with True King Lithosagym, the Disaster and Dragonic Diagram. It is the base card to which the deck was made, which makes this deck even though it has the mechanics of destroying its own cards to take advantage of it, such as Metalfoes, Kozmo, Yang Zing etc. to be a little different because this purpose comes from the use of a letter from 2007.

Strengths: Same as Babycerasaurus with the difference of be able to bring Pankratops increasing versatility.
Weaknesses: The monster you bring cannot attack this turn making it difficult to OTK. Cannot bring another Baby or Archosaur which makes some combos worse.

Strengths: Protects Dinos during both turns making them virtually Unaffected during Main Phase (except for Continuous effects) - this effect is excellent because of the existence of Nibiru.
You can banish with other Dinos to bring another one from the deck which brings extreme versatility for its use, being able to access all starters in the deck: Archosaur and Oviraptor, banish the Giant Rex and bring Baby to the field when there is already Oviraptor in the field. Trigger the Babys in the End Phase. Extremely important.

Souleating Oviraptor
Strengths: Best normal summon in the deck, one of the best starters in the game and gives you access to any Dino in the deck and has super versatility to add (ROTA) or send to GY (FOOLISH) and decisions vary according to situation. Has very strong effect of destroying Baby to special summon any Dino from GY (REBORN). It's practically a Rota, Foolish Burial and Monster Reborn in one card being the most important card in the deck – there are 4 potential effects in one card.
In combination with Lost World or Babycerasaurus it generates a huge advantage. All combos go through him and he can play around some hand traps if needed. It stays on the field from the moment it enters showing its importance, very powerful and with certainty the card that if it goes to Banlist the deck dies.

Lost World
Lost World
Strengths: 4 effects, 3 continuous and 1 trigger. Extremely powerful field with effects that make any Normal Summon of a Dinosaur type monster a potential Full Combo going second. Protect your monsters from being targeted by cards. Destroy Babycerasaurus straight from the deck.
Reduces ATK/DEF non-Dinos. Protect Normal Monster on the field. Generates a lot of advantage with Oviraptor. Definitely among the top 3 cards in the deck. Allows the deck to play around the opponent's various interactions.
  • Remember that your opponent cannot target ANY monsters on the FIELD including the monsters themselves which makes Lost World very annoying for various strategies especially against rogue decks. A cool synergy is the Nibiru, the Primal Being Token. If you start the turn by activating Lost World and the opponent controls Nibiru's token then he can no longer target monsters in the FIELD.

Weaknesses: Giving a lv1 token to the opponent in this era Link can harm you a lot because it makes it easier for the opponent to make Link2, not to mention that several decks use Linkuriboh and Link Spider that benefit from the Token and harm your moves and it can be used for Synchro plays what makes the token a good card to use on your turn and destroy it before it becomes a free resource for the opponent depending on the deck you are facing.

Double Evolution Pill
Strengths: Easy access to Boss Monsters directly from the deck. Easily searchable. Combat with Giant Rex.
Weaknesses: Need to banish a non-Dino monster. Should be able to banish monsters from both GY.

Overtex Qoatlus
Strengths: Good ATK/DEF status. It is the only card in the deck capable of recovering banned resources back into the deck. Deny every turn of Spell/Trap. Babys' trigger effect. Add the Pill.
Weaknesses: It's a bad card in the turn 1 hand.

Dinowrestler Pankratops
Strengths: Second Boss Monster. Easy invocation to the field.
Great ATK status. Quick play effect to pop cards. Easily recyclable by Oviraptor virtually every shift. It usually deals with two of the opponent's cards. Earth attribute. 0DEF can be added by Aussa.

Dogoran, the Mad Flame Kaiju
Strengths: Deal with any opponent's monster no matter how broken. Synergy with Lost World creating Token. Free card in GY to be banned by Pill or Tyranno or Misc. Easily searchable. Fire attribute. 1200DEF can be added by Hiita.
Weaknesses: High ATK status can be a problem in some situations - but it's part of using Kaijus. There is no easy way to loop it from the field back to the hand.

Evolzar Dolkka
Strengths: Negates effects and destroys monsters. Its effect is not once per turn nor once per chain. Fire attribute.

Evolzar Laggia
Strengths: Solemn Judgment effect. Simplifies Gamestate when your opponent only relies on the Draw Phase to try to get back into the game. Fire attribute.
Weaknesses: Need to use two materials to activate it. But if the materials are Misc + Rex this effect of detach 2 materials is very rewarding, so it is very good.

Honorable Mentions

At the time of Linkross and Crystron Halqifibrax Combo this deck shone because you could use three tech cards that were excellent in format to counter each of those links and that made Dinosaur Tier 1 during the September to December 2020 format because one thing this deck can do is break FTK boards with multiple negates in the form of monsters like Dragon Link and Infernoble Knight used to do.
The first one was Gizmek Uka, the Festive Fox of Fecundity when Halqifibrax came onto the field and special from a Tuner from the main deck because you special it and brought the Barrier Statue of the Torrent that made it pass the turn and then you used the Eria the Water Charmer, Gentle and kept playing Good. And as I said above, Gizmek Uka has synergy with Archetype cards because during any combo you make a lot of special summon from the deck which trigger Gizmek Uka that comes in and if the opponent controls the Lost World Token you target the token and bring it a Baby or Petit for free for the field making your combos much stronger.
The second tech of the format was the Token Collector because everyone the first thing they did was give summon from Linkross and generate 2 tokens. The Token Collector combs with Lost World and literally transforms any normal summon from Dino into Full Combo not to mention that the opponent cannot use Nibiru while the Token Collector is on the field and he is level 4 so you can Dweller for example and detach it on the opponent's SP and against Infernoble, for example, which is the deck that most abuses tokens, you had the Token Collector alive again in the GY.
The third was Survival's End which is an excellent archetype trap but is not used because it is not searchable and also because it requires the presence of Normal Monsters on the field like the Megalosmasher X that the deck no longer uses because you have enough game volume to not need it but in Linkross time if you pass Survival's End it alone wins the game for you because you would destroy two Linkross tokens and summon a Baby and a Petit and then use the effect of Survival's End in GY to pop Petit and a card that the opponent controls and then Petit gave summon from Pank to another pop and at the end of the turn Baby was destroyed and brought Ovirapor which meant GG to the opponent. Not to mention that Survival's End is excellent against Eldlich Traps which was very popular at the time.

Scrap Raptor Discussion
Scrap Raptor
Dino Problems that Scrap Raptor solves: Increase deck game volume to Link Climb either 2 to 3 XYZrank4 in a turn or 2 XYZrank4 with a Synchro 8 like Savage or Omega and up to 1XYZrank4 + 2 Synchro 8 (Savage and Omega). Make sure you always have live Gamma on hand by making Lambda. It makes the combo much more versatile and has many disruptions and you can only use a small 2 Scrap Raptor engine and 1 main deck Chimera with Wyvern in the extra deck.
A very positive point is the fact that practically if you draw one of the Scrap cards but never two Scrap Raptor you do the engine combo in a super good way, without any significant changes in the Final Board, at most instead of you to get a Laggia you are required to do Dweller or similar. A detail is that most of the best end boards are made with the Giant Rex which makes it difficult in terms of follow up being a play that needs Misc back to gy with Omega or Oviraptor in ​​hand to justify.
One of the biggest mistakes I see when using the Scrap engine is thinking that you need to use 3 Babys to combo the deck which is not true because instead of using the first Scrap Raptor effect targeting the baby is much more efficient target itself and add the Chimera before making the Wyvern.
After the July 21 banlist I don't understand Dino players who don't use the Scrap engine because you play for a turn since you don't have follow up by engine and depend on a miraculous draw to have plays on turn 3 or 4. In the Deck situation using Scrap to make Omega and return Misc to the gy is what guarantees grind game. I use Scrap myself but I'm not going to play board ftk asshole Tyranno + Apollousa + Savage. Just do basic Tyranno + Dolkka + Omega and sometimes Dweller too.

Deck Power

Dino is a deck that suffers a lot from the loss of the field already established because only Oviraptor is able to special summon the GY's Boss Monster. The deck does not have any form of efficient card recovery either by monsters that float and return to the GY field by themselves or add GY or banned cards to the hand. The deck has easy access to just about any Dino monster and generally passes through almost every Dino during the combo – Search power is absurd. The deck is very sensitive to interactions at the beginning of the combo and is also extremely dependent on Normal Summon and even more so on Oviraptor's effects. The deck doesn't have many forms of follow up being basically: Oviraptor, Miscellaneousaurus and some way to destroy Babys either with Tyranno, Oviraptor or with Lost World.
The deck has a flexible combo in terms of the sequence of card activation but the End Board is always the same: Tyranno + Dolkka + Omega and sometimes Lambda to activate Gamma from the hand. Despite the large space for hand traps: twelve to fifteen post side and using a lot of consistency cards: Fossil Dig and Pot of Extravagance or Pot of Prosperity and a lot of variety of 2 card combos the deck brick a lot mainly starting the game because I can't destroy the Lost World token in battle and many combos are stopped by a simple hand trap or you have to spend the entire hand to keep playing.
But even with all the weaknesses what makes this deck competitively viable is the fact that it has access to a different variety of disruptions, just look at the boss monsters and the extra deck to notice effects like: Book of Eclipse, Deny Spell/Traps, quick play effect to target and pop, non-target pop, target and shuffle card back into the deck, shut down gy effects, clear the field with Exciton, Floodgate with Bagooska, say no to backrow decks with Tornado and the Evolzar which just aren't top 1 best xyz4 from game because they are restricted to the type Dinosaur. Not to mention that archetype cards are good going second up to established fields usually with negates as Tyranno ignores any monsters on the field and clears everything during the battle phase and Lost World protecting against target cards and Misc with a broken protection to let Dinosaur monsters unaffected (thankfully it's limited).
The important point is that if this deck gets out of inertia it can break any field of the game and give very easy OTK and even establish fields with many interactions to control the game and win on the back so it cannot be underestimated.

Scrap Dino FTK?

At the time that Scrap Raptor arrived on TCG in Lightning Overdriver this deck variant was discovered and also uses the Scrap Golem and Scrap Chimera compulsorily but as the Miscellaneousaurus was limited practically no one plays Dino FTK anymore. But the OCG in the last banlist brought Souleating Oviraptor to 2 and that made Dino return to be playable there and this variant is one of the most used if not the best for their metagame. This FTK is very consistent and I've even done math that you can do it with about 80% of your starting hands and depending on how you do the combo you can even do Evolzar Dolkka before actually starting the FTK and even in some hands you do FTK after taking Artifact Lancea or opening with the brick of the combo that is the Scrap Golem.
One thing that makes this deck viable is, in addition to consistency, the versatility between having many different possibilities to reach the FTK field and that even if the opponent uses hand trap in the Scrap Wyvern part or properly in the FTK cards like using Nibiru, the Primal Being you can still pass with the standard dino field and going second you simply take all the main deck cards needed for FTK and play standard dino with the support of the side deck cards because the FTK main cards are in the Extra Deck and as you don't need there's a lot of space in the Extra Deck to play Dino so those useless cards going second aren't a problem.
Well, so far I haven't talked about how FTK happens and let's start with the main cards:
Phantasmal Lord Ultimitl Bishbaalkin is the card that allows the FTK to exist because you create 3 to 4 tokens on each side of the field just so that his atk increases to above 8000. To do this we first use Scrap Raptor and Oviraptor or other Dino level 4 and we make Geomathmech Magma which is a Synchro 8 Tuner, after we use Double Evolution Pill and we summon the Dogoran, the Mad Flame Kaiju and thus we have the conditions to summon to make the Phantasmal Lord.
Then the move is to turn the tokens into link monsters while making space in your field to make other important summons so you make Knightmare Phoenix or Knightmare Unicorn and Linkuriboh because the tokens are level 1 to have effect monsters and make Geonator Transverser that will pass the Phantasmal Lord to the opponent's field.
Finally you use Number 60: Dugares the Timeless to reborn the Scrap Golem and you do any Synchro 5 using Scrap Raptor and 1 token like Hi-Speedroid Chanbara only to reach Number 33: Chronomaly Machu Mech that will target on Phantasmal Lord and inflict damage equal to your atk and we know that will be the end of the game.
Better than me explaining the FTK is that you see it in practice so I leave these links to OCG videos for those who are curious to see:

In the end this deck is very peculiar because you are still playing Dino normally but these unique synergies between the Dino engine, the Scrap engine and the required extra deck monsters make this a complete FTK competitively viable and that's why I don't like this type of deck that I consider the Miscellaneousaurus as a card that should stay on the banlist forever.

Rules for playing Dino

1 Lost World
1.1 About the card

The effect to non-dinosaur monsters loses 500ATK/DEF is a continuous effect.
The effect to protect normal monster on field and destroy dinosaur monster on deck or hand INSTEAD is a continuous effect. ( instead = don't activate - just happens and your opponent can't respond to it)
The effect while your opponent control a normal monster he cannot target monster on field with cards effects is a continuous effect.
The effect to special summon a monster when a dinosaur is summoned on the field is a trigger effect and you opponent can use Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit.

1.2 Rulings Lost World
If you activate another Lost World, you can trigger the effect to summon token again and you can protect the token again. Soft Once Per Turn.
The effect to protect all normal monsters on field can be protect all that are destroyed in the same time.
If both a normal monster and Lost World would be destroyed in the same time, you can still protect the normal monster by destroy Dinosaur monster instead. Example of situations where this can happen: when an opponent uses the Chaos Dragon Levianeer or Frightfur Cruel Whale effect.
The Babycerasaurus effect in GY can be activated in Damage Step and you opponent can't use Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring or Skull Meister because he don't negate the activation.

1.3 Two Lost World on field
Non-dino monsters loses 1000ATK/DEF.
When a Dinosaur is summoned on either players field, either fields can be triggered to special summon a token on opponents field.
When a normal monster would be destroyed, the turn player has priority to protect the token, if he does the non-player turn can't.

1.3.1 Lost World vs Dingirsu
The same example above applies in case you try to destroy a normal monster (token) on the opponent's field and try to protect it with Lost World and he has Dingirsu, the Orcust of the Evening Star on the field. Both have the effect that if a card would be destroyed you can destroy anything in its place instead of what is called a replacement effect. In this case where we have two optional replacement of destruction effects the turn player has priority to use the replacement effect before the non-turn player can. So for example if the turn is the player controlling Dingirsu then he has priority to protect the token from destruction before Lost World tries to protect it. Then the turn player decides if he wants to protect the token with Dingirsu or let the opponent protect with Lost World and if he protects with Dingirsu the player with Lost World cannot attempt to protect with Lost World because the token is no longer marked to be destroyed and the destruction is no longer taking place so the non-turn player cannot protect. If the player controlling Lost World is the turn player, it will be he who can protect the token before the opponent attempts to protect with Dingirsu.

1.4 Lost World vs Forbidden Droplet
If you go to the battle phase and attack the token and you protect the token with Lost World and destroy a Baby and summon from an Oviraptor or Archosaur your opponent cannot use Forbidden Droplet to negate them because they can't use atk modifiers after 'before damage calculation' and Lost World destroy Baby from deck on the 'End of Damage Step'.
I also mention that Forbidden Droplet cannot use the Lost World token to pay the activation cost because it needs to send the card to the gy and tokens only exist in the field.

1.5 Lost World + any Dinosaur normal summon vs TCBO (Going Second)
I will share something that has happened to me several times when I go 2nd and on turn 1 my opponent arrow There Can Be Only One or Gozen Match: No one understands that when you attack the token the Lost World only protects it from destruction in the "END OF DAMAGE STEP" so when you activate the Babycerasaurus effect for example the opponent thinks he can just flip TCBO or Gozen in response but as both the opponent and you Dino player remember this important Damage Step fact you just say Ok but the truth is you are still in Damage Step and your opponent will only be able to activate Continuous Trap when you exit the Damage Step and return to the Battle Step and you have done an action in the battle step or passed priority. Also your opponent can't activate Droll & Lock Bird after you add with Oviraptor or Archosaur in the 'End of Damage Step'. So always remember this because for sure someone will try to flip Floodgate in response to Baby effect and try to use Droll after your Add a card in the Damage Step.
This demonstrates how powerful Lost World is in the Damage Step. It literally is an MVP card to play around the opponent's interactions.
Yishan made this video about what effects can be activated in the Damage Step:

I will summarize for you the necessary questions to ask so that you can activate a card in the Damage Step:
is TCBOO a flip monster?
is TCBOO a trigger effect which activated on change of location?
does TCBOO have an effect which triggers on destruction of a monster by battle?
does TCBOO say it can be activated during the damage step?
does TCBOO negate an activation?
does TCBOO directly change ATK/DEF?
no, no, no, no, no, no => no
I also leave this site that brings complete information on how Damage Step works:

2 Babycerasaurus and Petiteranodon
Babycerasaurus and Petiteranodon it's a mandatory effect activates when is destroyed and send to GY and are always chain link 1 so don't cheat like I've seen people doing having Oviraptor and Baby in the field and Archosaur in the gy and using Oviraptor's effect and destroy Baby and Summon Archosaur and do the following chain link: cl1 Arc cl2 Baby because Baby is always cl1.
If you have the situation like Oviraptor target Baby and the opponent use D.D. Crow to banish the only Dino you have in GY when activate the effect you can special the same baby you destroyed on field but you don't special from deck.

2.1 Babycerasaurus and Petiteranodon vs D.D. Crow or Draco Berserker or Similar
One of the things I'm most tired of seeing opponents finding works is using a D.D. Crow effect in the Baby thinking that just because he changed his location and the card says "and send to gy" he can't use the effect. The fact is that Baby already activated and it resolves normally. This D.D. Crow is so common that everyone should memorize it in their heads: Cards need to be in the location where they met their trigger in order to "activate". Cards do not need to be in the location they "activated" in order to "resolve".

2.2 Babycerasaurus and Petiteranodon vs Shaddoll Winda or Summon Limit or Similar
Mandatory effects need to be activated even if they cannot resolve. For example if you destroy a Baby or Petit under El Shaddoll Winda or Summon Limit restriction even though you cannot summon from a Dino from the deck you still have to activate the Baby or Petit effect so if for example in this new chain you use Forbidden Chalice and deny Winda the Baby or Petit will summon from the deck.

3 Archosaur
Archosaur has a very simple effect to understand in the deck but I've seen people misinterpret the card text because when it says "You can destroy 1 Dinosaur monster in your hand or face-up field" it means destroying a Dinosaur monster face-up on YOUR field and not the opponent's. That way it's impossible for you to use the Archosaur's effect and destroy the Lost World token on the opponent's field.
If you are under the Droll & Lock Bird effect you cannot activate the Archosaur effect.

4 Oviraptor
Oviraptor effect to add or send a Dinosaur to GY can be activated under Macro Cosmos on field, the Dinosaur just is banned instead of send to GY. Under Droll & Lock Bird you are allowed to activate Oviraptor effect even if one of the options can't be made that is to ADD to hand but you can still SEND to GY. This is a trigger effect and can be activated during the Damage Step.
Oviraptor effect to special summon from GY cannot make the summon if the targeted monster on field is not destroyed by Oviraptor effect. This effect cannot be activated if you don't have Dinosaur monsters in GY. This is a Ignition effect. This effect JUST TARGET the monster in the field, the monster in GY is not a target and you can special summon the dinosaur destroyed by Oviraptor, but if you destroy Babycerasaurus and special summon the same Babycerasaurus he can't activate the effect to special summon a dinosaur monster because he is not on the GY.

5 Tyranno
Neither Player can Special Summon Ultimate Conductor Tyranno from GY unless they are first legally summoned by owner effect.
If you activate Tyranno effect in the start of the damage step to burn 1000LP and send the monster and you opponent don't take damage, you can't send the monster and Tyranno can't attack again the monster. This happens when your opponent controls Secure Gardna or when you use Dark Ruler No More. That is, after DRNM don't try to use Tyranno's effect to send monsters in Defense position to the GY but just attack them normally.
Tyranno and Archosaur effect don't destroy monster for cost because there literally zero cards in the game can destroy for cost. That would be very broken.
If you have two Tyranno on board, you can use the effect to flip face down each in the same turn. Soft Once Per Turn.

5.1 Tyranno vs Trap Monster
If you activate Tyranno effect, the monster trap is flip face down again in the Spell/Trap zone. Example: Conquistador of the Golden Land.

5.2 Tyranno vs Unaffected Monster
If I try to activate Tyranno's effect during damage step to inflict 1000 damage and send the monster to the GY and that monster is unaffected by monsters effect, you will inflict 1000 damage to the opponent, but the monster will not be sent to the GY.

If I try to activate the Tyranno effect to turn down all the monsters that my opponent controls and he only has the Oviraptor and he activate the Miscellaneousaurus effect this turn, I can activate the Tyranno effect to destroy a dinosaur in my control even if Oviraptor can't be flip face down?
Answer: Yes. The effect resolves as much as possible.

5.3 Tyranno vs Token and Link monsters
Tokens cannot be flip face down so you can't use Tyranno effect if the only monster in the opponent field is a token. Same for Link Monsters.

5.4 Tyranno effect to send vs Macro Cosmos
Even if Ultimate Conductor Tyranno attacks a Defense Position monster while the effect of Macro Cosmos is applying, you can activate its effect that inflicts 1000 damage to your opponent and sends the attacked monster to the Graveyard. In that case, after inflicting 1000 damage to your opponent, the opponent's monster is banned instead of sending to the Graveyard.

5.5 Tyranno and his Book of Eclipse/Book of Moon effect
If the monsters set by Tyranno were not summoned this turn or have not changed their positions yet or declared a attack they can be flipped up and that is completely legal.
If a monster is flipped face-down any specifications about the summon of the monster are forgetten and forgets where it was summoned from like Virtual World Hime - Nyannyan that it's banished when leaves the field after summoned by it's own effect is forget and it's not considered a Tuner monster, or the monsters that were used for the Fusion Summon of Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon are forgetten by the monster and Dragoon will not be able to use eff to pop monsters on the field. Another example is they do not remember that they were summoned via the alternative summoning condition like Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal and the restriction is no longer applied.

5.6 Tyranno and its effect of attacking multiple times
Ultimate Conductor Tyranno Declared a Direct Attack and Player B chain Scapegoat summoning 4 Sheep Token and UCT gets into a Replay. How many Tokens can UCT attack?
Only one token. Because you declared a direct attack, even if you change the attack target to a monster after the replay, you cannot continue attacking other monsters afterward. As long as a monster was involved in an inappropriate attack at any point (even if the attack never reached the damage step), it can no longer attack all.
MST.TV spoke of this ruling:

If a monster that can attack multiple times, declares an attack on a target that is not within the effect parameter (doens't need to reach DMG Step), you cannot use the multi-attack effect.
This is a ruling that I didn't quite understand and not the best way to explain it to you. She also leaves this question:
If the UCT player chooses to normal attack on its very 1st attack and it goes though, can he use effect to attack everything else?
I would say no because UCT cannot successfully attack directly and then attack monsters.

6 Miscellaneousaurus
Miscellaneousaurus first effect is not hard once per turn. But if you have resolved Misc effect this Main Phase, you cannot activate again because of the effect that would do nothing.
The Dinosaur monster special summoned by Miscellaneousaurus is destroyed during the EP, it's obligatory.

6.1 Miscellaneousaurus vs Schism and Forbidden Dropplet or Super Poly vs already activated Misc eff
Miscellaneousaurus effect protect to Shaddoll Schism effect to send if for example cl1 Misc and cl2 Schism to summon Winda and you have Oviraptor in the field Misc will protect Oviraptor here and also Misc protect from Forbidden Dropplet and Super Polymerization while the effect is applied to Main Phase and even Dark Ruler No More if you chain a Trap per example to DRNM as cl2 and Misc to the Trap as cl3.

6.2 Miscellaneousaurus vs Mechaba and Toadally Awesome and Crescendo or similar
My opponent deny Misc with Invoked Mechaba and he attempt to banish Misc?
Answer: the Misc that was discarded from the hand will not be banned by Mechaba here as the Misc in GY is not considered the same Misc you denied in hand. It is considered a different card due to having changed locations.

6.3 Miscellaneousaurus vs Fog Blade
This is a secret that Dino players try to keep secret when facing Phantom Knights because Misc only protects from activated effects and Phantom Knights' Fog Blade is a continuous trap so you can negate any Dinosaur even under Misc protection.

7 Double Evolution Pill
Double Evolution Pill just like the Miscellaneousaurus banish for cost so your opponent can't use Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion to try to negate the activation.
Ghost Belle negate activating effects, cost are not effects and will always happen before anything can chain to it. To find out what the "cost" of a card is is simple: anything before ; or : is not part of the effect of a card.
You can activate another pill if the activation is denied because the card says: "You can only ACTIVATE" which is different from "You can only USE".

8 Scrap Raptor
The first effect of the Scrap Raptor to target and destroy a monster you control and gain an additional normal summon of a scrap monster this turn is separated by the word 'ALSO' which means that even if the target of the Raptor's first effect is not destroyed by the Raptor effect you still get the extra Normal Summon. Like you target Raptor itself and the opponent activates Dogmatika Punishment by targeting Raptor so in this case the part A of the effect is not sucefully resolve but the B part resolve normally because one part of the effect doesn't depend on the other.

9 Evolzar Dolkka and Evolzar Laggia
Evolzar Dolkka is not a hard once per turn effect and not once per chain. However because it's a WHEN word they can only respond to the last effect in the chain.
Evolzar Laggia just can negate the INHERENT summons or the activation of spell/traps. He can’t negate the special summon of cards like Nibiru.
You can't negate the EFFECTS of already face-up spell/traps or the activation of spell/traps effects in the GY. Activating a trap card and activating a trap card effect are not the same thing. If you activate a trap card effect in GY it's not considered activating a trap card because activating a trap card means flipping the card face-up onto the field.

Remember both Evolzar Dolkka and Evolzar Laggia have the text "During Either Player's Turn" = Quick effect. Konami change the name for cards after 2017 and Evolzar Laggia and Evolzar Dolkka are 2011 cards.

10 Exciton Knight / Zeus vs Revolt
This is a rule that has happened to me twice so I decided to share it because it could be the difference between winning and losing:
If you summon Evilswarm Exciton Knight or Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder and use your Turn Player Priority and activate the effect and it responds with Tri-Brigade Revolt we will have Zeus cl1 and Revolt cl2 what happens is that the Tri-Brigade Shuraig the Ominous Omen as soon as it enters the field is sent to the gy and in this case as Cards need to be in the location where they met their trigger in order to "activate" Omen can only use the search effect on gy and his Zeus stays alive.

11 Gamma Rules
You can give PSY-Framegear Gamma and resolve it under There Can Be Only One on the field. Gamma and Driver take the field, deny and destroy, and then you keep one of them in the field and send the other to the GY.
You can activate Gamma in response to the Herald of Ultimateness effect of denying Summon, the same goes for Evolzar Laggia. Of course we are talking about the first summon you would make to the field and not try to use Gamma after you already have a monster.
Gamma can be activated and resolve normally under El Shaddoll Winda or Summon Limit because as both Gamma and Driver take the field at the same time they count as a single summon. In a Summon you can Special Summon multiples at the same time such as Pendulum Summon 5 monsters under Winda and Summon Limit on the field.

Take Notes
This topic talks about the notes I took when analyzing the deck's replays and they're first-person phrases that I've put aside to help improve the deck. For sure some parts will help you look at certain deck combos differently than just doing standard plays which is a necessary skill when you're playing because Dino is more about playing style and knowing how to spin the deck correctly and manage features than decorating basic combos. If a part of the combo is interacted by the opponent, it is very likely that you will still be able to go the other way to make a minimally decent board.

Cards and effects that you can never forget to get the best out of deck:
  • Bagooska gave me many victories and makes Zeus masterfully.
  • Lost World fulfills all the needs of the deck and allows you to play even without Misc and around practically all the hand traps in the game because it can't target and you activate effects in the End of Damage Step avoiding Ash Blossom and Meister.
  • Remember Lost World's power to protect against card targets. Remember Lost World does Chain Block which is good against hand traps and cards like Mechaba and Dolkka and Apollousa.
  • Don't forget that Lost World makes Drytrons lose 500ATK is super relevant and taking Lost World when you go second because of Linkuriboh.
  • Remember the interaction Omen vs Pank = Pank in chain leaves the field and if you only had the Pank he will be forced to ban a card he controls.

Making non-linear plays:
  • Remember that you have to carefully analyze the next moves when part of your combo is interrupted by the opponent like making Lost World + Oviraptor and he chains Veiler or Impermanence to Oviraptor or similar situation in order not to lose by going on autopilot.
  • Don't forget when Archosaur comes in your hand and you Normal and the effect is negated you have the option to do Number 60: Dugares to use it in the following turn outside of Oviraptor.
  • Qoatlus saves your Oviraptor 1 card combo from spending the Archosaur if you already have no Dino in GY so beware.
  • Even if you open horrible try to make more interaction even if it's Tyranno pass and remember what the opponent plans to do too.
  • A play that you can do a lot is Exciton Knight eff when you have baby on the field so you clear the field and keep playing Baby eff.
  • Whenever you use Set Rotation see if you can do Excitom Knight because in addition to clearing the field you leave the World Dino wrestling alive to free Pank Summon on the return.
  • Think very carefully if it is necessary to overextender plays or just make Exciton Knight to clear the opponent's field and always try to save the Pill to use after the Exciton effect. Exciton by itself already guarantees you a winning position in matches where the opponent's deck needs to maintain the established field to have plays on the return like vs Pendulum deck or other Rogue that has a lot of static cards that do not float with gy and return for free to the field which is the problem of every rogue deck including the Dino compared to the Tier 1 and Tier 2 of the format.
  • Situational combos = Lost World + Scrap Raptor + Driver or Scrap Raptor + Baby
  • Insane combo = World Dino Wrestling + Lost World + Opponent more monsters then you = free Pank on field.

  • Don't play around cards he possibly has that you've seen him use in the previous game.
  • Not choosing the best extra deck monster for the presented gamestate and losing because of it.
  • Only use Dugares Double or Nothing! eff if you are sure you will win in this battle phase otherwise you will give the opponent 2 more turns.
  • Stop using wrong the Pankratops (which is he doesn't trade with two of the opponent's cards), never use it unless the simplified gamestate where you know all the opponent's interactions or when playing against combo because usually it has a lot of negates but you only need to put two Dinos in the GY to bring Tyranno to clear the field and play on the quiet M2.
  • If you pay attention to the end of Dino's current combos you use almost the entire engine and in the deck there are only: 1 Tyranno, 1 Pankratops, 2 Ovirapor, 1 Babycerasaurus and 1 Pill. So that's why more than ever it's necessary to know how to spin the deck correctly in order to have enough resources to have a satisfying grind game. Depending on the match and the gamestate you don't need to go to the full combo but make shorter moves but they guarantee you game control and management of engine resources because it's essential not to spend all the monsters so fast. What I mean is that it is not necessary, for example, to use the main engine and the scrap engine in the same turn, you can save cards like Scrap and Misc in your deck or in your hand for the next turns. It's not hard to do xyz and bring the boss monsters from the deck to the field without them.

Know how to play around interactions and manage deck resources:
  • A lot of players are using post side Nibiru against Scrap Dino and you easily punish them because you always play around those cards.
  • I should take more risk in giving Misc because many times the opponent shows no hand trap to stop you denying cards before Misc. Also send Baby and keep Petit is better in the first plays.
  • If he has several sets and doesn't use when he should stop an action, it's a sign that he has dead cards like Cosmic Cyclone.
  • If the gamestate is in favor of you losing a turn to just Scrap play instead of risking your main cards then do so.
  • If you are under Droll or similar, think carefully about the actions so as not to lose resources for nothing.
  • In some situations is really good to summon Archosaur over Baby in the Damage Step when making any Lost World Go Second combo.
  • The best end board for this deck is one that tries to be as less static as possible, when you pass with Tyranno + Dolkka + Wyvern + Omega + Rex for example Tyranno and Dolkka are static but Omega floats on the field, Wyvern on the return reborns the Raptor and you can destroy any card you or yourself because if Rex stays in the field, you threaten xyz or Savage and that makes a difference if you lose part of the established field.

Everything I learned playing with the scrap engine:
  • I often want to start with Scrap Raptor from normal summon to bait with backrow deck and test the traps making exchanges keeping moves behind. But you have to be careful about the fragility of this Scrap engine and force cards correctly.
  • The Scrap Raptor's ability to have an ignition effect to destroy Baby proved to be very valuable not to mention also being able to play around TCBO, Gozen and IDP and being able to play after taking Lancea when it's popular.
  • The Scrap engine helps you to OTK because the Wyvern when it reborns the gy it destroys a card you control that might be the Lost World causing your OTK to happen, so the Wyvern is useful even if you can't use the second effect.
  • The Scrap engine is never dead in this deck because the Wyvern's first effect is always possible to use just like you trigger Raptor's second effect even if the first is negated.
  • Pay more attention when using the Scrap engine because it is important to see if you can use the two Wyvern effects or not and remember to set useless spells in your hand if you need to destroy to pay the cost instead of a monster.
  • Scrap Raptor and Oviraptor are conflicting when choosing what to give Normal Summon, you have to better analyze according to Gamestate what is best.
  • Against Link's deck you can do the Tyranno + Wyvern combo to get this effect boosted and you don't need to use Tyranno too soon.
  • Always analyze carefully which Scrap Raptor play you will go to because there is a Wyvern play to pop any card on the field or make an xyz like Exciton Knight or Bagooska.
  • Lost World + Scrap Raptor you do Omega first and DOLKKA LAST and put everyone on defense because you always do Kuriboh playing around Lightning Storm and Droplet. The best way to use Scrap engine is to always use Raptor on itself and spend Chimera before Wyvern.

Some ideas about other strategy cards, especially extra deck cards.

Why do I use Forbidden Chalice? First, she already plays the role of Droplet most of the time because you only need to negate one monster from your opponent to play and you're not worried about Dragoon because Dino has a lot out for this Garbage and the other Relevant Boss Monster is Ultimateness but not it's no use Dropleting him if you have to deal with 2 Orange in hand. And finally it negates cards like Omen, Winda, Buster Blader Lock and Mechaba being more versatile than Book of Moon and can be used in Damage Step to negate flip effects and even used on your monsters if necessary.

Number 60: Dugares the Timeless: He is the link that connects the Scrap engine with the main one by the effect of giving special summon from a GY monster. This is very useful against midrange decks because you trade resources and unlike the opponent you have no way of Recovery like through a Revolt so having access to this Monster Reborn is the difference between losing and taking full control of the game. Everyone remembers Dugares in the deck for using it to raise ATK, yes it simplifies gamestate but it's almost always redundant because you always have control of the game when the UCT is on the field but particularly against @Ignister doubling the UCT's ATK is critical to take the Towers out of the field so remember that when facing this deck. The consistency effect is almost never used but depending on whether Gamestate gives two draws it makes a lot of difference. Don't forget to skip the phase according to the effect used on the next turn.

Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder: Zeus is not necessary, in fact most of the time you only do it if the Excitom Knight has activated the effect and continued on the field or with Bagooska which is the safest way to threaten battle phase in that deck. Other times you just do it over an empty xyz like Dugares or Castel just to put pressure on your opponent in case you try to destroy your cards or to finish the game faster on the way back if he survives. Of course there are situations where Zeus is the difference between winning and losing especially when you take multiple interactions and can't clear the opponent's field with Tyranno. This happens a lot against back row matches like Eldlich and Zeus is huge at these times.

Number 41: Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir: Whenever your combo doesn't pass and you're not entirely sure your opponent is super dependent on Links monsters, for example it's easy to tell if he uses Extravagance or puts you to go first because these decks are very affected by Bagooska, another situation is when you have already established a monster on the field that you have no control over but can be stopped by Bagooska as in the case of Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon.

Talking about the only 4 Dino archetypes and possible Future Releases

Here I leave the deck profile of the archetypes Dino Scrap, Evoltile/Evolzar, Dinowrestler and Jurrac where I discuss a little about the archetype.

Well, about the archetype of Dinomasher's Fury it remains to be discussed why having decks focused on monster types is not cool for the game compared to archetypes enclosed within the engine itself. This is for sure a Dino archetype that its mere existence means that Konami cannot create Good Dinosaur. It restricts card design because every time it creates a card like Pankratops or Scrap Raptor this deck will automatically incorporate it in your engine and that's not cool. At least currently Dinosaur is a very weak monster type and lacks good archetypes (except this one) and extra deck monsters so the fact that this deck is generic for the type isn't being a problem at Dragon Link level that steals the better engine cards from several Dragon archetypes from Main Deck and Extra Deck to make the so-called "Good Stuff" which is to put together several small engines that have synergy with each other, are easy to use and automatically generate advantage and interaction. Another positive factor for Dino not being a problem is that although generic for the type you can't just go out using any generic card because you have to follow the deck's proposal which is to generate advantage and turn the gear by destroying the Babys and that it made only the Scrap and True King engine see play in the deck. In general cards like Miscellaneousaurus and Fossil Dig are worse for future releases in Dinosaur type because Misc gives you a special summon straight from the deck without even needing to spend your Normal Summon for it and Dig is an improved ROTA that is 3 and adds levels 1 to 6 and it's not once per turn, since cards like Oviraptor are already a little better because he will usually spend his Normal Summon to get onto the field so unless your deck has horrible starters it's not a card needed in every future archetype of Dino but is still so strong that it will possibly be used as a copy. Ultimate Conductor Tyranno also limits card design because it's an overwhelming boss monster easily accessible in all Dino decks and it sucks to have a Boss Monster used in another archetype. This deck is a problem for future konami releases so it would have to create cards with effects very restricted to the archetype and which mostly don't play destroying the monsters themselves. Not to mention that for Banlist hits it's much better to have closed archetypes inside the engine itself, you only hurt that deck and don't need to hit several. Also Electrumite for example is a Metalfoes and what does Metalfoes do now? Cry. There's still that, you end up harming a deck whose card belongs to him because his card is not restricted to the archetype itself and is splashable in other engines.


This article is extremely complete and brings all my experiences with the deck and before you guys think I'm crazy all this content was built little by little and not overnight, it's pieces of text I made over 1 year playing with the deck and that I'm sharing with you guys because I like to write. It's like in school, there is a ladder of knowledge that you go up one step a day and in the end you will have a lot of wisdom, so I end this article saying that most of the time I analyze the replays of the games I play I see that most of them are the ones I won or lost I could have played in a better way that would surely have given me the victory in the ones I lost or would have made me win much faster in the ones I won and as long as technoplay is more relevant than the power of cards to win this game it will be healthy. Regarding the future of the deck after the July 2021 Banlist what happens is that it is now a Rogue because with Hit on Misc the deck is much more fragile than it was before but the main factor that made it disappear from view in this format is that most players left the deck, Going Second today is not maternity for any deck because although you still lose just because the opponent started you can use a lot of hand traps and have a greater chance of winning by going second and not there is an FTK board deck in the Tier 1 meta because Dino gets a lot of value against FTK deck because you can break the field and OTK. So there is not much attachment to the deck as it is not as resilient as it was before, nor consistent, nor strength, nor protection which was all the deck needed so the main deck was worsened and the fact of not having a Tier 1 deck as overwhelming as that puts the need to use a monster field breaker deck very low than it was when that deck grew and for these reasons Dino has no viability. With Scrap Raptor this is still a very competent deck, but today whoever plays with it is the one who likes the deck and yes it has the potential to do things because this format going first is much better than in the last format and you have the potential to break table but the problem is taking hand trap which is very painful. As all the good players of this deck left to play with another one that makes a lot more sense that playing with the deck today is much more medium players and low, which makes these players try to combo the way they did in the previous format and that way you was already stopped with a hand trap so to play with the deck today you need to adapt and create a new style of play so you don't lose to a hand trap. The deck exists and has potential but is much less consistent than before and being more sensitive but it still gives you a chance to grind game if used well.
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