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The Cyber Style in Yu-Gi-Oh is a very interesting case. You got the ever-so-powerful Cyber Dragons and the lackluster Cyberdarks. Together, you get one of the most iconic archetypes from the GX era. In this series, I plan to go through the popular cards and Decks of the Cyber Style. This way, we can analyze the impact of the Cyber Style on the competitive Yu-Gi-Oh history. From its early days of Cyber Dragon in anything Machine related to Cyber Dragons becoming its own Deck. This study will compile the overall history of the Cyber Style.

Anyone think we'll get more cyber dragon links? Also, a cyber dragon ritual would be funny. I activate the spell card, Cyber Ritual! By sending monsters whose combined levels are 9 to the GY, I can summon Cyber Rage Hydragon!
Cyber Recall Fusion: Fusion summon 1 "Cyber" Fusion monster by shuffling the materials into the deck and the summoned monster gains 300 atk for each material. You can banish this card; add 1 Spell that has "Cyber" in it's text or 1 "Power Bond" to your hand.

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The following is a small excerpt of deck/article.[…]