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Does anyone remember August 2019? Dimension Shifter, along with Nibiru and Dark Ruler No More (DRNM) were in the Megatins as promos. It's been 2 years after the drop of the three big meta-hitters. Dimension Shifter was pegged as the worst of the bunch. Nibiru was absolutely meta-shifting, and DRNM's ability to just 1-for-everything an opponent's entire board overshadowed Shifter. Let's examine what is considered to be the best hand trap… if you can run it.

Updated Cyber Dragon and Cyberdark

The following is a small excerpt of deck/article.[…]

Thanks Yugi Papi, very cool!

Hello, I'm new to Yugioh... well I used to play […]

ZEXAL Numeron C1000 (Oct 2021)

cause its fucking terrible