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By Samm99663
I've been trying to build a Chazz it up deck but am struggling with the right ratios. This is the current list I use:
1 ofs;
X-Head Cannon
V-Tiger Jet
Ojama Black
Ojama Green
Ojama Yellow
Armed Dragon Thunder Lv7
Armed Dragon Thunder Lv5
Armed Dragon Thunder Lv3
A-Assault Core
B-Buster Drake
C-Crush Wvyern
Y-Dragon Head
Z-Metal Tank
W-Wing Catapult
Ojama Red
Upstart Goblin
Ojama Pajama
2 ofs;
Ojama Pink
3 ofs;
Xyz Combine
Dark World Dealings
Forbidden Droplet
Extra Deck;
A-to-Z Dragon Buster Cannon
Armed Dragon Catapult Cannon
ABC Dragon Buster
VWXYZ Dragon Catapult Cannon
XYZ Dragon Cannon
XZ Tank Cannon
XY Dragon Cannon
YZ Tank Dragon
VW TIger Catapult
Gear Gigant X
Mekk-knight Crusadia Avramax
Knightmare Phoenix
Knightmare Cerbeus
Link Spider
I:P Masquerena
Any suggestions on what I could change?
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By GioGio
3 ojama blue
3 rescue cat(summons TWO blues for free)
3 pot of prosperity
2 ojama green black yellow
1 ojama pink
1 ojama red
1 ojamagic
3 ojamatch
3 ojamassimilation
3 armed dragon thunder 3
1 armed dragon thunder 5
1 armed dragon thunder 7
1 armed dragon thunder 10(optional)
1 V
1 W
1 X
1 Y
1 Z
1 vw
1 xyz
1 vwxyz
1 catapult cannon

fill the rest of the main with going second cards and the extra with whatever u want
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