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By Mr.MulahBabaye
So im building S force and I notice they are a collum based mechanic deck im thinking of using either mekk knights or Magical Musketeers in combine with them bc either or it makes the opponent pick and choose his spaces more carefully and the s force link monsters prevent three of the opponents collums from being used so that leaves them with only 2 collums to use and if I play either Muskets or Mekks its gonna be a tough match up depending on what I have in the other 2 collum the only problem with muskets theres no easy way s s them if I use up my normal summon on the s force but anyways what are your thoughts and theories on this idea???
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By GioGio
i prefer makk knights, but if you play reinforce truth w musket, it wont matter too much. it mostly comes down to if u want to go first or second
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By amorphage
Normal any magical musket and pass is the way to go

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