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By Chorty
Hello everybody :)
I would love to create a retro casual deck with Roids. It doesn't need super meta cards and should just be there for fun with a few friends and no hard rules:. The current list would be this:

|- MONSTER CARDS (21 cards):
|- 2x Armoroid
|- 3x Rescueroid
|- 3x UFOroid
|- 1x Jetroid
|- 1x Patroid
|- 1x Stealthroid
|- 1x Shuttleroid
|- 1x Carrierroid
|- 1x Gyroid
|- 3x Ambulanceroid
|- 3x Decoyroid
|- SPELL CARDS (13 cards):
|- 1x Future Fusion
|- 1x Cost Down
|- 1x Dimension Fusion
|- 1x Fusion Sage
|- 1x Graceful Charity
|- 1x Monster Reborn
|- 2x Polymerization
|- 1x Pot of Greed
|- 2x Star Blast
|- 1x Limiter Removal
|- 1x Mystical Space Typhoon
|- TRAP CARDS (7 cards):
|- 2x Cyber Summon Blaster
|- 2x Emergeroid Call
|- 1x Negate Attack
|- 1x Necro Fusion
|- 1x Trap Hole

|- EXTRA DECK CARDS (12 cards):
|- 3x Barbaroid, the Ultimate Battle Machine
|- 3x UFOroid Fighter
|- 3x Ambulance Rescueroid
|- 3x Pair Cycroid

Do you have a few more ideas?
Thanks in advance :)
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By GioGio
i reccomend playing cyber dragons instead.

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