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By supergardien
Hello everyone !
I'm new member to this plateforme.
I love play Gouki combo with, for exemple, synchro or, recently, nightmare. Did it's a good idea do you think or it's better to play only Gouki ?

(Sorry to my english language, I'm french people).

Have a good day!
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By GioGio
gouki knightmare is unplayable right now since knightmare mermaid and goblin got banned and firewall has an errata. gouki doesnt synchro, but infernoble does

i personally use a pk and dragoon engine in gouki.
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By GioGio
no not rly. my deck is 50 cards. the engine is 2 scales, 2 boots, 1 cloak, 1 shade, 1 fog, 1 rusty
you summon scales with isolde
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By GioGio
i play a lot of extenders in my deck
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By GioGio
the combo: 1 normal summon+ 2 extenders (sounds like a lot but isnt that bad. i get this every game)
normal summon
summon the extenders
make isolde with 2 of your monsters, search blue mountain
isolde eff, mill 3 to summon scales
scales eff to discard 1 to send cloak
banish cloak to search boots
summon boots with its effect
link isolde, boots, and scales for apollousa
banish boots to search shade, summon scales with its effect
set and activate shade. make link spider
link away spider and scales for codebreaker virus swordsman in apollousas middle zone, use its effect to summon zero day from deck
make codebreaker virus berserker in appos middle zone, summon swordsman and zero from grave
make rusty with swordsman and zero
make verte with the second extender. make dragoon
use rusty to set fog

4 monster negates 1 omni negate

if you get goukis, the combo is kinda different
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