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By GioGio
i want to make ojamarmed dragon but idk what ojama cards to play
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By amorphage
there's a bit that goes into them
the most viable is A to Z Ojama, I've managed to make A to Z with it before

I dunno about armed dragon ojama but I can give info about the A to z variant

mainly it's using ojamassimulation to make dragon buster and dragon cannon as quickly as possible

for it you play one of each yellow, black and green.
3 blue
1 red
I've yet to test pink
3 country
3 ojamasimulation
3 ojamagic
2 ojamatch
1 armed dragon level 3 (normally only there for ojamatch fuel)
3 ojama pajama
2 of each, A assault core, B buster drake, and C crush wyvern
3 ABC dragon buster (can also be played at two, but it's up to preference)
1 of each X head cannon, Y dragon head, and Z metal tank
1 XYZ dragon cannon
and 1 A to Z
I use the rest of the extra deck for generic link monsters and a rank 2 sometimes

ojamassimulatin can recycle banished ojamas into your deck and draw one so you can use ojamagic multiple times.

That's what I know about ojamas
Angry Panda (Scummy)

The following is a small excerpt of deck/article.[…]


The following is a small excerpt of deck/article.[…]

droll and lock bird artifact lancea

to counter dogmatika