A section to seek help with a deck you are building.
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By Lostie56
Hi I remember last time i played yugioh was more than 11 years ago, the reason i stopped was because somebody stole my decks. Now i want to come back to yugioh which meta decks you guys recommend?
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By Tomakau
Mine ofc :lol:

buuuut Sky Strikers seems to be pretty good rn. Or atleast has been last time i checked. Always go with what cards u think look coolest tho and try building a deck around it. We can talk more about it all on Discord or anything like that if u'd like to. Tobi#5733

But yea. Sky Strikers, Salamangreat,
i've seen those decks played a lot lately.
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By Toon Lord
sky striker and salamangreat are not meta. they're not even rogue, as far as i know. but salamangreat is a good deck to help you get back into the game and understand links. meta rn is tri-brigade, d-link (i think), drytron, and prank-kids.
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