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By AkhiMertail
Okay, so I got 2 different structure decks last night: one soulburner and one emperor of darkness (are these okay?). I mainly got these to try out and to hold me over until I can build a semi-decent deck of my own card choices. But the question is, where do I start?

Can you just buy the structure decks and make ones out of those? Do you need to buy individual cards? Where can I get individual cards, are they sold in-store? Can you combine different structure decks and make a little bit of a better deck? How many of each type of card is required in a deck?

I’m sure I have more questions, they’re just not coming to mind at the moment. But so far, this sub has been quite useful. Which in tales that you guys may help greatly with my questions. Thanks for the help! :)
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By GioGio
structure decks to buy 3 of and get an ok deck:
zombie horde
shaddoll showdown
dinosmashers fury
Dragon Deck


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