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By Samm99663
Could Brillant Fusion come off the ban list? Most fusion Spells nowadays have fusion from deck effect and Brillant Fusion has a downside to its fusion from deck effect. I understand that Gem-Knight used to have an ftk but could that even be done in this current age? Let me know what you guys think.
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By GioGio
brilliant fusions downsides dont matter. drawing the garnet does really suck though. you arent summoning a boss with it in a competietive scenario. you will be summoning gem-knight seraphinite. the brilliant fusion engine gave you 2 normal summons as well as 2 free monsters for link plays or whatever else for any deck. and with predaplants oprys scorpio and darlingtonia cobra, thats even more ways to access the fusion spell and get more monsters and gy set up without going into combo.

and yes the ftk can be done even now, but its just bad
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