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I was thinking about what a new summoning mechanic could look like, and here's what I came up with. I don't think Ive seen this idea done before.

A Shift monster is summoned by tributing both monsters and spells/traps from the field as materials. Shift monsters run on the unique mechanic that, rather than taking up a single monster zone, they take up a column, and can be moved between the two zones in that column. Moving between the front and back row is treated as a battle position change. A Shift monster cannot be summoned into a column that already has an occupied zone. A monster in the back row is still treated as a monster, not a spell or a trap. However, being in the back row makes it unable to be attacked, while also not preventing you
r opponent from attacking directly.

Shift monsters have two separate effect boxes, similar to pendulum monsters. There is a back row and a front row effect. As the name suggests, these effects take effect depending on which zone the monster is in.

A Shift monster cannot be summoned to the extra monster zone, as there is no corresponding back row zone.
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