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By amorphage
What was the most anime like moment you had in your YuGiOh carrier?

I made a 100LP comeback against a ritual blue-eyes player who had a chaos MAX dragon and it’s immunity alongside double piercing damage with freaking KRAWLERS!
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By Hero_Odet
One time I had 200 lp left and drew the card with Gy eff to protect me from damage
them I busted out me link 5
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By GioGio
the utopia mirror match: my opponent summoned utopia beyond w double reduced my monsters to 0 and did 6000 damage.
i walled up my xyz monsters and one by one they were destroyed
i was able to make 2 level 4s, make utopia, then RESOLVE UTOPIA PRIME REDUCING MY LP TO 50 TO MAKE A COMEBACK
first deck

this makes me happy


The following is a small excerpt of deck/article.[…]


u could cut a guardian for a second blue rock

i havent tested ensemblue robin yet. you can swap […]