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Recently a decision has been made to bring in some moderators to assist with moderating the site. Along with this, we've placed a few general guidelines regarding warnings/bannings and in the essence of transparency I will list these guidelines here.

Users must abide by the Community Discussion Guidelines: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=12699

Possible causes to receive a warning on your account (not solely limited to this list):
  • Agitating Users/Heated Continual Debates/Non-Harsh Commentary Spam/Continual Off-Topic Posts = 1 Warning
  • Arguing with a mod either publicly or in PM post warning = 1 Warning
  • Revealing public information regarding another user = 1 Soft Ban of 7 Days for 1st Infraction of it. 1 permanent ban if done previously.
  • Arguing with a mod on an alt account post ban (either soft or permanent) = 1 permanent ban of alt account
  • Fake account/Linking to Malware or Viruses = 1 permanent ban
  • Extremely harsh commentary (racist/homophobic/etc) = 1 permanent ban
Warnings to Bans:
  • 4 Warnings = Soft Ban of 7 days
  • 8 Warnings = Permanent Ban
We strive to cultivate a non-toxic community here. As such we will not hesitate to remove users who are creating a toxic environment for others. We want to set out some clearer rules to prevent possible confusion regarding warnings. Going forward, we will be stricter on warnings and bannings for repeated offenders.

Discussion of Warnings:

Users can PM a mod regarding a warning. If they approach the topic in a calm and respectable manner then a conversation can be initiated about it. This is simply an explanation of the warning and not a request for removal of the warning. If you react with anger to the warning and sent a PM, you will be further warned.

In the essence of fairness, users with previous warnings before this post will have their warnings removed. Bans will of course not be removed.

Forum Moderators will have a green colored name to signify that they are mods. Example: username

Members that are banned will have a orange colored name to signify that they are banned. Example: username

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