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We've long had issues with "Meta Deck" tag and people using it for each and every deck they uploaded. It became impossible to moderate due to the vast majority of decks uploaded to the site.

We attempted to combat it by creating "Tournament Meta Deck" tag that only admins can use when uploading Tournament Winning decks.

This was more of a plaster than anything.

I've rolled out a couple more changes to our Meta Deck tag:
- "Meta Deck" is no longer the default option when uploading a deck. It is now "Non-Meta Deck".
- When selecting "Meta Deck", you will now be given a warning message.
- When a deck is uploaded with the "Meta Deck" tag, a couple of validation processes are run on the server. If the deck fails these validation processes, the deck will automatically be switched to "Non-Meta Deck".

This method is not foolproof and it requires us to manually maintain an internal algorithm of what is considered "Meta". However this is a much better system going forward than what we are currently doing. At the moment the "Meta Deck" tag is cause of a lot of frustration and hopefully this will alleviate a lot of that frustration.
LordObamaHimself wrote:
Thu Oct 22, 2020 3:35 pm
One question: Will decks that used to be meta but are no longer meta (like, Wind-Ups from their format) still be allowed to be in the meta tag, or are they going to be put into the non-meta tag?
If they were uploaded while they were meta, they would be allowed.

If they were uploaded right now, they would be converted to non-meta decks.

The validation process checks the current meta when deciding if the uploaded decks stays in "meta deck" tag.
RedEyesCommando wrote:
Mon May 03, 2021 12:48 pm
I think coolqueval isn't making decks anymore, so he should (A get booted or (B start making decks again. Maybe ignister constellar is a good idea.
Get booted? No? That's not how internet websites work.
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