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Introductions in here!

I'll kick things off.

Hi Folks,

I am the creator and owner of YGOPRODeck! I felt like the Yu-Gi-Oh! community was missing something similar to websites such as Hearthpwn so I decided to try my hand at creating my own.

Well, 5 million website views later and things are looking good! In terms of myself, my favorite deck are WATER based ones that revolve around The Legendary Fisherman III. Here is one of my decks.

I hope you all enjoy your stay here!
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By Cristichi
Hope you guys enjoy my graydle deck. That's actually the deck i use IRL, and it can beat top decks if lucky enough :P
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By Papa Nurgle
Hey, I'm Papa Nurgle and I like Warhammer 40,000 and Monarchs. I live in rural Ohio so I have potato internet. I don't like potato internet.
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By Livid
Hey, my name is Connor, also known as Livid. I'm 18 and play Yu-Gi-Oh semi-competitively, I play a wide variety of decks and currently main Pendulum Magicians.

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By Kairu777
While hello there it's me kairu, I've been playing this game for not that long, I started when starter deck yuya was still roaming around, and u want to say that I love this game. Even do I've been playing for so little I extremely love this game i could play more if I had the chance. ATT kairu
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By JellyMan
Im Jellyman,and i mostly play decks that can go into every summoning method.Pendulum magicians and D/D/Ds were my favorite archetypes because of this.I have watched all of the Yu-Gi-Oh anime arcs completely,except for Zexal which i have only watched half for some reason.I am watching Vrains(i dislike the summoning method in real life but its not op in the anime so i like the anime).My favorite attribute is Dark.Light being a close second.I use to love the Chaos archetype back in around 2009.
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By TimmyBlaster
I will tribute my Ojama Armed Dragon Catapult Cannon as the most funniest and random deck i have ever seen.
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By Josh Hall
Hi, my name is Josh Hall and i play Yu-Gi-Oh! since more than 10 years now. I participated in local and national tournaments but didn't achieve anything worth the mention. I have played a wide variety of decks until now but currently i'm running Ghostricks. I will also upload my deck shortly.
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Drytron Fairies Post Limited Eva

Ahh woops. Thanks for catching that i'll edit.

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