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For the most part the Cyberdark has been increasing in popularity ever sense the new cyber style structure deck was revealed and the support in it. So I figured, as the guy who plays a LOT of Cyberdark, I’d give the ratios out for anyone who might need them, including the new support cards. Keep in mind that this is simply just for the full engine.

1 of each edge, keel, and horn. They’re bricks most of the time but they’re required to have at least one of each, they’re super searchable so don’t be afraid of not opening one of them

3 claw and 3 cannon. The main searchers, claw and cannon can discard themselves to search Cyberdark stuff. Plus they have more effects for when their equipped. You play them both at 3 to maximize on your searching

1 Cyberdark inferno. The field spell protects your Cyberdarks that have equipment and it has a built in search when it’s destroyed. It’s also one of the most searchable cards in your deck that you only need one

0-1 Cyberdark Impact! You only run this card if you have the space, any more than one makes it risky. It does recycle your three main Cyberdarks so you should always play it if the space allows.

1 Cyberdark Dragon and 1 Cyberdarkness Dragon, Cyberdark Dragon is a boss that’s summoned by impact, it’s bad on the field but you can also mill it with horizon and then use overload fusion or something like that on it. Cyberdarkness is a negated but it’s also a bit of a hassle to place out so only one is recommended.

Now for the new support:

3 Cyberdark Chimera, searcher for power bond and mill, chimera is an absolute 3 of for enabling your bosses

3 cybernetic horizon, no options, no variables, just play 3, this card provides so much card advantage it’s insane, it searches, mills, and then drops an extra deck monster! Never play any less than 3.

3 Cyberdark World, playing three is ideal because of the abilities that it provides. First it searches a Cyberdark, any Cyberdark, not just machines. The. It proceeds to let you normal summon 2 Cyberdarks in a single turn and also allows you to steal monsters from your opponents graveyard! Definitely a 3 of and no less.

0-1 Cyberdark invasion, invasion lets you interrupt your opponents graveyard but other than that it’s a little underwhelming, most of the time you play zero but it’s safe to have one.

0-2 attachment cybern, this ratio depends on how combo/control heavy you want your deck to be. The more combo heavy the more you play, don’t play more than 2 though because then it’s just clogging you up.

And finally for cards that’s played in Cyberdark but aren’t actually Cyberdark cards.

1-3 cyber dragon core, the ratio of this card depends on the variant you’re using, like say if it’s pure then 3 to last the grind game. If you’re playing something like Dogmatika Cyberdark where you already have the grindy Dogmatika engine then you play 1, core is required though to help with searching.

1-2 dragon buster of the destruction sword, Cyberdarks can equip dragons from the graveyard so you can preform the buster lock with this deck, the variable for this one is how lucky you are, if you aren’t lucky and you open it in your hand with no way to mill it then you might want to play 2 for the backup.

1 protector welp of the destruction sword, purely to mill dragon buster and quickly get the buster lock because it’s probably the best interruption Cyberdark can provide, and it is really strong.

1-3 overload fusion, the variable here is space, you can search it with inferno sometimes but if you have space then this card is priority over anything else.

1 power bond, only for Cyberdark chimera who searches it, this card is a quick way to dump a boss, but please mind the burn price!

That’s the Cyberdark engine! Cyberdarks are a fun deck and the way they function makes it threatening at times! The best variant by far is Cyberdark Dogmatika Shaddoll, Cyberdarks and Dogmatikas have a ton of synergy and the best form of Cyberdark in the old days was Cyberdark Shaddoll which proves that they got synergy! And Dogmatika Shaddoll tops events meaning that that’s also got synergy! Cyberdark Dogmatika Shaddoll can hold its own against nearly every deck in the format in my opinion so far. Destroying casual, beating rouge, and maybe
even stealing a game or two against meta decks provided the right pilot and luck!

Depending on the future support Cyberdark may become a great deck! Until then!
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