General discussion about Yu-Gi-Oh!
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By deadpoolbarron
Hi everyone, i'm Deadpoolbarron, also known as Mark.
I'm 32 and I just learning to play the game from the ground up, always wanted to play but being a parent leaves you little free time, my kids are older so i'm starting with the original series of dual monsters. Once I have the hang of it then i'll move on to the rest like syncro, 5d's, pendulem monsters and the series that particularly interests me is linked Monsters.

Aside from that I like comic books and beer brewing.

looking forward to talking and learning from you all.
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Welcome Deadpoolbarron! I hope you enjoy your time here with us :)

I completely understand how daunting it can be getting back into the game! There can be so much to learn and go over, it can all get so very confusing. If you need any help, be sure to ask!

Some of our good resources include:

- Online Deck Builder
- Full Card Database
- Deck Upload Area

Some good articles to catch back up on. Maybe the History of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Meta: ... f-the-meta
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By OzzyDoesThings

My name is Nathan, But people call me Ozzy since my last name is Osborne- It's a different spelling but yeah.

I got in to Yu-Gi-Oh in middle school but lost interest for several years, I got back in to it a little while ago and I'm running a Dark Magician deck to help me get back in to the swing of things! I duel on Duelingbook with friends sometimes- I have a friend reteaching me some things on there as well as showing me the new stuff.

Heres my deck!
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By Motteley
Hello everyone, I go by the current monikers of "Blue Sun Studios" or "Motley World Studios" (trying to switch over to the latter one entirely soon).

I haven't been into Yu-Gi-Oh! for quite the long time, having stopped playing during mid Yu-Gi-Oh! GX; now that I have rekindled my interest in Yu-Gi-Oh! again I find Synchros, XYZs, Pendulums, and Links in my absence, as well as an entirely different meta-game than the one I'm used to. Having only played casually though—and having primarily played Yu-Gi-Oh! through "Worldwide Edition - Stairway to the Destined Duel" and currently playing "Nightmare Troubadour", it is safe to say that my knowledge of current Yu-Gi-Oh! meta is very archaic by now. Overall, I'd say that I'd like to build decks that focus exclusively on each one attribute and a type or two within that attribute with one deck being totally attribute and type ignorant with generalist support for myself and widespread ruin through negation and destruction. Other deck preferences include primarily level 4, 6, and 8 monsters with very few cards outside of those numbers unless their effects are really good, lots of limited cards if it can be helped (since I normally don't like running more than one of the same card anyhow), and about an even split between monster, spell, and trap cards (20 normal deck monsters - 10 normal and 10 effect including one ritual monster, 10 spells - 2 of each type except for ritual and normal spells, 10 traps - three for continuous and counter with four regular traps, and one fusion effect monster). Not an optimal style of play but I want to find a way to make it work somehow. Normally I don't run archetypes because of how well known they are with what I can assume to be common methods of choking and killing them, and mostly stick to not-strictly-related series at best.

Bottom-line, I'm still very much new to this new meta but I'd like to learn more about it and see if I can tweak my deck building strategies and see if that will hold any water.
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By The_Strumminator
Yo, I'm The_Strumminator, 16, and have been playing since my freshman year. I main Dark Warriors (RIP Rhongo) and play guitar
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By Datacorn
I play a lot of yugioh and a lot of mtg. I mainly play Pendulums for now but that might well change. I mainly discuss competitive theory but I love helping new and returning players, as well as people just becoming competitive.
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By Spyre27
Hello. I'm Spyre/Wolf; take your pick. Currently Building Crusadia Guardragon but currently play Rit Beasts 'cause people think they're bad.
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By cmcke243
Hi my name is Cooper and I'm 13 years and have played for about 4 years now. at the time of starting my main deck was a mix of Performapal and zubaba (bad mix). I now currently use Lair of Darkness with a level 3 engine

The following is a small excerpt of deck/article.[…]

Majestic Dragon / Fairy

i think it could have an Honest at least in the Si[…]

Fortune Lady-Spellbook

The following is a small excerpt of deck/article.[…]

Armageddon Or Oblivion

Very nice and fun OTK deck :)