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By Diabolus
Hello my torment tokens! I'm Diabolus and I'm here today to bring you the first ever episode of a series I've started on Amino called “Hidden Techs!” In this series, we will take a look at the current meta and have a discussion about certain cards that (I believe) are criminally ignored. We will be taking a look at the card's effects and the different ways it can be used to deal with the meta. Today's hidden tech will be Lullaby of Obedience. Let's begin!

This card's effect reads as follows:

Pay 2000 LP and declare 1 Monster Card name; your opponent looks at their Deck, reveals 1 of the declared monsters if there is any, and chooses 1 of these effects to be applied.
● The declared monster is added to the hand of the player who activated this card.
● The player who activated this card Special Summons the declared monster to their field in Attack Position, ignoring its Summoning conditions.

You maybe thinking, “What the fuck is this guy smoking? This card sucks!” But please hear me out.

Card Usage and Potential
Now that we know the effects of this card, let's talk about how we could use this hidden tech to our advantage.

In order for this card to be useful, you would have to declare a monster that you know your opponent has in their deck. That means that Lullaby of Obedience is already pretty potent in a mirror match. In a mirror match, you already know which cards are vital in each other's decks. Therefore, you can declare a monster that you may need, but don't have in your opening hand, and have your opponent either has to give it to you or… well, give it to you! No matter the option, your opponent will still have to give you the monster and lose out on a vital combo piece.

NOTE: For example, in an Infernoble Knight mirror match, Immortal Phoenix Gearfried is a great target for Lullaby of Obedience.
This Lullaby of Obedience can also be used to take out a crucial one-of monster(also known as an “engine requirement.” We will get to that later.) or a limited monster from your opponent before they can even use it. This can also be applied to the mirror match discussion stated above. For example, if you are in a Dragon Link mirror match, you can use Lullaby of Obedience to declare Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon(a limited card in the TCG) and force you opponent to give you a free extender. Or you can just keep it in your hand to prevent your opponent from having it.

NOTE: This could also be a Chaos Dragon Levianeer, Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin, or any other one-of in any deck.
Lullaby of Obedience can act as a starter or an extender. What type of monsters will always be in an opponent's deck? I'll give you a hint: it rhymes with "sand straps." If you guessed “hand traps,” you've guessed correctly! You can use this card to declare a hand trap and take it as an extender or as an interruption during your opponent's turn. What are the most played hand traps in the current meta you ask? Ash Blossom & Joyous Springs and PSY-Framegear Gamma! Not only are these interruptions, but they are also tuners that can aid with going into Halqifibrax plays or even synchro summons.

NOTE: In addition to Ash Blosson and PSY-Framegear Gamma, you can also use this card to take an Effect Veiler or Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit.

Remember when I stated that this card can be used to take out engine requirements? This can be applied to useless cards that your opponent plays, but don't want to draw called “bricks.” And there happens to be 2 bricks that people are playing in the current meta. They are being used to make a certain Fusion monster that should have never been created. If you are thinking “eww...Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon,” I don't blame you! By declaring Dark Magician, Lullaby of Obedience can be used, going first, to stop your opponent from summoning this dreaded monster of friendship. Why Dark Magician? It's because Dark Magician is a specific fusion material. If you take Dark Magician from your opponent, (whether they choose to add it to your hand or special summon it) they will not be able to summon Dragoon with Red-Eyes FusionOR Predaplant Verte Anaconda because they don't have one in the deck to send. You will basically leave your opponent with 4 dead cards.

But Everything Has Its Drawbacks...
There are some cons to this card however. Since this card has an effect that adds/special summon from the deck, this can be negated with Ash Blossom. You can get around that by using a card that your opponent would want to(or have to) use Ash on first, then activate this card. The inverse can also be used. You can use this card to bait out an Ash, then use another card that Ash would want to stop, like an important draw or search card.

Another hand trap that can get in the way of this card is Droll & Lock Bird. Your opponent will allow you to search add the declared monster, the hit you with a Droll. However, the inverse of this is a benefit. If you find yourself UNDER Droll's effect, your opponent will be forced to special summon the declared monster. It will work inversely if you find that you are unable to special summon. Your opponent will be forced to add that declared monster to your hand.

This card is best used going 1st and during games 2 and/or 3. This card going 2nd will just get negated or your opponent will have already used the monster you are trying to take. This card should NEVER be main decked. If you do decide to use this card, please throw it into the side deck at maybe 2 or 3.

Dealing With Scumbag Opponents
But what if your opponent cheats and says that he/she does not have the declared monster even though you know he/she does? By tournament rules, a judge cannot be called for that issue because the deck verification rule no longer applies. However, there are positives to this scenario. Let's say you called Dark Magician and your opponent says that Dark Magician is not in the deck. From there, you can assume that the Dark Magician is in their opening hand or was sided out. However, if they lied, you won't have to worry about Dragoon until they ACTUALLY draw the Dark Magician and can use it to fusion summon.

So, by cheating, your opponent has temporarily locked themselves from playing Dragoons until the one-of Dark Magician is drawn. But it goes deeper than that. Your opponent also cannot activate Red-Eyes Fusion or Verte Anaconda until the Dark Magician is drawn. If they do and use it from the deck, they will reveal that they had the Dark Magician in the deck, which at that point you can call a judge. This is why you must ALWAYS pay attention to the duel at all times.

And with all of that said, thanks for sticking around and reading this article! Hopefully you have enjoyed it and have learned some thing new. Let's have a discussion in the comments about other potential uses for Lullaby of Obedience that I may have missed. I look forward to hearing your opinions.
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