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By Joeyc83
I have a couple of questions about a couple of cards that have similar effects. My questions are about Macro Cosmos and Dimensional Fissure and how they interact with other cards.
The first question has to do with both MC and DF.
My opponent has Eternal Soul on the field which states that his Dark Magicians are unaffected by my card effects. My question is, since Macro Cosmos and Dimensional Fissure don't go into affect until the monsters are off of the field, does Eternal Soul still protect the Dark Magicians or will they be removed from play?

My second question has to do with Dimensional Fissure only. Cards like Silent Swordsman Lvl 5 and Horus The Black Flame Dragon Lvl 6 both say that they are unaffected by your opponents spell cards. Is that only when they are on the field? Will Dimensional Fissure work on them or does their protection from spell cards work off the field as well?

These are situations that have not happened yet but I've been thinking about how they would play out if they did happen. If anyone can help me I'd greatly appreciate it
Thank you
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Hey there!

Eternal Soul only protects monsters in the Monster Zone. If you have Dimensional Fissure on the field and destroy The Dark Magicians then it is banished.

Dimensional Fissure will banish Horus/Silent Swordsman. Their effects only apply once they are on the field. Being sent away from the field stops their effect from being active, so they are banished.

You are overthinking the second point. Think of it this way, does Jinzo negate trap cards while he is in the graveyard? The answer is no :D

Hope that helps!

Credit goes to TSX1 and Pak Official Youtube

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