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It's that Spooky Scary time again! :twisted:


We are holding a Halloween 2020 Contest right here at YGOPRODeck! To enter, you must build a Spooky Halloween themed Yu-Gi-Oh! decks with a detailed deck description. It doesn't need to be meta, simply Halloween themed with your reasoning.

Contest Entry Details:
- Build a Halloween Themed Deck
- Add a detailed description of the Deck with reasoning
- Reply with the link to the deck in this thread
- Deck can be of any category

Contest Deadline 25th October 3pm GMT+1

Prize Rules:
- Must be eligible to accept delivery from Amazon
- Should you now be able to accept delivery for the product, an Amazon Giftcard can be given as a substitute
- 3 winners with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners

1st Place:
- Structure Deck: Spirit Charmers
- Yu-Gi-Oh! 2020 Tin
- Duel Overload

2nd Place:
- Duel Overload

3rd Place:
- Yu-Gi-Oh! 2020 Tin
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By neonrideraryeh
Here is my submission, I've designed to eschew the usual choices and go with everybody's favourite classic Halloween Costumes - Princesses and Superheroes. Do these decks match together, I have no clue, but it has Mask Change II so maybe you can plop out a Masked Hero? Please enjoy.
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By Crunch$G
Here is my Halloween Deck with all of the spooky monsters, spells, and traps I can think of for our Hallohallo friend to experience on his Trick-or-Treating adventures. You got all the monsters out at night to try and spook Hallohallo during his hunt for candy from Zombies rising from the dead, Vampires looking for blood, Skeletons shivering down your spine, and Ghosts looking to give Hallohallo a good spook.
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By ApolloDuels
#27953 ... UwjJL88DAA~~

Welcome to Halloween Town! Prepare to be scared left and right! You better pray so Jack doesn't see you, because if he does, there will be nothing you can do! Other than letting out a SCREAM of fear, that is!!

(My deck is a rendition of the "This Is Halloween" music video. I tried to add cards which relate to the creatures seen in the video. They also appear in the same order. I recomendo you to watch the video and compare the monsters to the ones in the main deck, even some spells fit this criteria!
PS. Jack is Balderoch)
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By MasterOfPotato
#28735 ... our-spine/

This is my submission to the contest. I decided to stray away from the norm a bit, and build a Skull Servant deck, but for speed duels! I find speed duels super interesting and hope that this can interest a few others to check it out. My deck doesn't really have a story, I just wanted to make my favorite spooky boi deck, but with a new twist.

Also obligatory "spooky because its a DEAD format"
(really excited for battle city box tho)
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By MasterOfPotato
How are the winners chosen? I was wondering if it was:
1. each deck that fit into certain categories, then choose the winners by random
2. sort them by how interesting/functional they are, and most is first, and so on and so on.

Also, if it's a different way, I'd love to know

(if you don't want other ppl to know, that's cool)
Destruction Sword-Dogmatika

Very helpful—thank you.

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